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Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms,” “Terms and Conditions” or the “Agreement”) govern your use of the internet-based services offered by “Lazybones.” All references to “you” or “your” shall mean and refer to the customer (“Customer”) ordering the Services (as that term is defined herein). The Companies and you are collectively referred to as the “Parties”.

The following entities are independent entities operating in connection with the Lazybones brand, but by using the Lazybones service, you agree that each are separate and distinct corporate entities, and that none of these entities are responsible for the obligations of the other entities. These entities include: Lazybones Laundry & Cleaning Services Inc., Lazybones Laundry & Storage Inc., Colorado Lazybones, Inc., Lazybones of Delaware LLC, Paquete LPB LLC (collectively the “Companies”). You understand that your order for Services will be between you and one of the Companies, and that your order will be governed by these Terms..

By using the pick-up, storage and delivery services (the “Services”) offered by the Companies, you must utilize the website, mylazybones.com (the “Website”), or directly contact customer service at (877) 215-2105.

Please read these Terms carefully, as they are legally binding on you even if you are browsing the Website without requesting any storage quotes or contracting with the Companies. These Terms are in addition to, and not in lieu of, any other conditions outlined on the Website or agreement(s) you may enter into with the Companies. In the event of conflict between these Terms and any other condition outlined on the Website or agreement(s), these Terms shall control. Lazybones may revise the Terms from time to time when it is appropriate or necessary, without prior notice, and such revisions shall be applicable when first set forth on the Website. Please check the Website periodically to take notice of any changes to the Terms. If you do not want to accept and agree to these Terms, you must exit the Website and not utilize the Services. Your continued use of the Website with the revised Terms shall constitute your acceptance of the Terms and any subsequent changes thereto.

II. USER RESPONSIBILITIES By using this Website, you represent, warrant and agree that: You are at least 18 years of age and of full capacity to form a legally binding contract. You will provide valid payment information when necessary and pay all outstanding charges when due. You will not file any chargeback or claim without first attempting to resolve the dispute informally by contacting customer service in writing. Your acceptance of these Terms does not and will not violate any other agreement to which you are bound, or any law, rule, regulation, order or judgment to which you are subject. You are solely and exclusively liable for your conduct via the Website.

Lazybones will not clean rags that may have had contact with any industrial chemicals, solvents, or cleaning agents as such rags are an extreme fire hazard. Lazybones personnel will refuse pickup of such rags, and/or immediately return them to their owner when they are discovered. Any customer giving such rags to Lazybones is responsible for any fire damage or consequences these rags cause.

Lazybones also reserves the right to refuse to clean any garment for any reason.

Pick ups and Deliveries: Laundry pick ups and deliveries will be attempted during normal business hours as determined by Lazybones. If a secure delivery location is available - specifically a supervised front desk or office - deliveries may be made to this location by Lazybones. If a delivery is made in this manner or to the inside of a customer's residence, this delivery will be considered completed and Lazybones will assume no further liability. If providing access to any service point and/or selecting service to any service point then you will exonerate, hold harmless, protect, and indemnify Lazybones, its employees, its successors, and assignees, from and against any and all loss, liabilities, damages, claims, suits, or actions, judgments, and costs which may arise from intentional acts, omissions, or negligent acts inside the home/apartment or to any part of the building, inside or out.

Poundage Minimum: In order to cover our cost of pick up and delivery there is a minimum of 10 pounds per pick up. If you turn in less than 10 pounds of laundry, it will still be recorded and billed to your account as 10 pounds.

Laundry pickup must be scheduled in advance by the customer. Pickup and delivery will take place each week on Sunday through Thursday, except on certain holidays determined by Lazybones at its sole discretion. Each customer is allowed one (1) pickup per week. Lazybones reserves the right to determine the pickup and delivery times at its sole discretion and reserves the right to reschedule pickup and delivery times upon prior notice to the customer.

If the customer misses a scheduled pickup during a given week, the customer will forfeit the service for that week and will not be reimbursed. In order to accommodate the customer for the missed week of service, Lazybones will allow the customer to wash twice as many pounds of laundry the next week as they are normally allowed, free of additional charges. For example, if a customer who paid for fifteen (15) pounds per week misses a week, they may have thirty (30) pounds of laundry cleaned the next week. Or the customer can get a second pickup later that semester. Unused laundry week(s) can be used for additional pickups only within that current semester.

Accounts: All billing shall be handled through the set up of the customer's account. All laundry turned in to Lazybones by an authorized user of that account will be cleaned and any extra pound charges and dry cleaning charges will be added directly to this account and the customer charged accordingly without seeking continual and additional charging permissions. Lazybones cannot be responsible for limiting authorized users in any way.

Payment: The customer must pay the agreed-upon charges prior to service. Services that have been paid for but go unused do not carry over from week-to-week, or from service term to service term. Lazybones will not provide a refund for any under-utilization of services. Except as described in the next paragraph, all sales are final and all payments are non-refundable. In the event that the customer's laundry weighs more than he/she paid for, a fee will be charged for each additional pound.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Refunds for packages are available up to 30 days after purchase. No refund is possible after 30 days. Before that time, a refund can be requested at any time via phone or email. The amount refunded is based on how many pounds used, multiply by the per pound price we charge one time customers plus a $15 cancellation fee.

No refunds are available for dry cleaning services or for "by the pound" laundry services.

Service renewal: Our laundry semester plans are automatically renewed for the semester following that in which they are started. Customers must contact us by phone or email if they choose not to have service renewed.

Dry Cleaning: Items to be dry cleaned must be contained separately from laundry, and clearly labeled with the preprinted form supplied by Lazybones with specific instructions to have these items dry cleaned. Customers must keep dry cleaning items in a separate bag clearly labeled with their name and outside of their laundry bag to ensure that dry cleaning items will not be weighed along with laundry items. Failure to do so could lead to incorrect charges being applied to the customers’ account. Failure to specify will alleviate Lazybones of any and all liability arising from the methods used to clean these garments. If we happen to find DRY CLEAN ONLY garments turned into the laundry with your regular wash they will be dry cleaned and the charges will be billed to your account unless other instructions are provided by you prior to time of washing. However, if you turn in a dry clean only garment and do not alert Lazybones that it is with your clothes, Lazybones is not responsible for liability arising from the manner in which it is cleaned.

Missing Items: Lazybones uses a sophisticated digital video and barcoding system to record and monitor all laundry as it flows through our wash system. If a customer believes an item was lost by Lazybones, we will use this system to determine if that did in fact happen. However, Lazybones’ reserves the sole right to make that determination. All claims regarding garments missing while in our care must be made in writing (email counts) within 48 hours of the laundry being delivered back to you. After this time period Lazybones cannot be expected to monitor the laundry in question through the washing system and cannot be held responsible for claims relating to this pick up. If an item is determined missing by Lazybones, the customer will be reimbursed according to the standards dictated by the insurance level (standard, plus, premium) chosen by the customer when ordering their laundry package. Lazybones waits 14 days from the actual delivery date before any type of reimbursal, the delay in reimbursal is due to the fact that over 95% of people claiming an item is missing find the item on their own within two weeks of the claim.

In the event that an entire order of laundry or dry cleaning is lost/stolen before we attempt pickup then Lazybones assumes no responsibility. In the event that an entire completed order of Wash Dry Fold or Special Care is lost/stolen after it has left our possession, Lazybones assumes no responsibility. We make every effort possible to offer secure service points, with the option of in-home service always available. Informing you of delivery back is a courtesy, not a guarantee that you will either receive the confirmation of delivery back or successfully retrieve your garments.

In the event Lazybones is at fault for a lost package, Lazybones will reimburse based on the insurance you have chosen. The standard rate will be paid $35 per pound or value of package, whichever is lesser. The Plus rate will be paid $50 per pound or value of package, whichever is lesser. The Premium rate will be paid $75 per pound or value of package, whichever is lesser. In the rare case that this ever occur, Lazybones would need 14 days to resolve any issues before any reimbursements.

Any reimbursements for individual items will be based on the insurance you have chosen. Standard, Plus or Premium.

description gender / standard_rate / plus_rate / premium_rate

For example, if you are female that claims to have lost a hoody with plus rate insurance, you would receive a $85 credit or Hoody(description)/female(gender)/insurance rate(rate you are picked).

Bra/ Female / $ 25.00 / $ 45.00 / $ 80.00

2 socks (pair)/ Female / $ 6.00 / $ 12.00 / $ 18.00

Tank top/undershirt/ Female / $ 10.00 / $ 25.00 / $ 50.00

T-shirt/ Female / $ 15.00 / $ 30.00 / $ 60.00

Towel/ Female / $ 16.00 / $ 25.00 / $ 45.00

Hoody/ Female / $ 45.00 / $ 85.00 / $ 125.00

Leggings/ Female / $ 20.00 / $ 45.00 / $ 100.00

Sm. Shorts/ Female / $ 40.00 / $ 70.00 / $ 100.00

Sweater/ Female / $ 40.00 / $ 90.00 / $ 150.00

Panty/ Female / $ 10.00 / $ 15.00 / $ 25.00

Blouse/ Female / $ 30.00 / $ 75.00 / $ 125.00

PJ Pants/ Female / $ 20.00 / $ 30.00 / $ 40.00

Sweats/ Female / $ 25.00 / $ 45.00 / $ 85.00

Velvet sweat pants/ Female / $ 30.00 / $ 80.00 / $ 150.00

Athletic shorts/ Female / $ 25.00 / $ 40.00 / $ 75.00

Jeans/ Female / $ 40.00 / $ 125.00 / $ 220.00

Dress or Capri Pants/ Female / $ 25.00 / $ 100.00 / $ 175.00

Boxers/ Female / $ 12.00 / $ 20.00 / $ 40.00

Polo/ Female / $ 35.00 / $ 75.00 / $ 125.00

2 socks (pair)/ Male / $ 5.00 / $ 10.00 / $ 15.00

Tank top or undershirt/ Male / $ 10.00 / $ 25.00 / $ 50.00

T-shirt/ Male / $ 15.00 / $ 30.00 / $ 60.00

Towel/ Male / $ 16.00 / $ 25.00 / $ 45.00

Hoody/ Male / $ 45.00 / $ 85.00 / $ 125.00

Sm. Shorts/ Male / $ 40.00 / $ 70.00 / $ 100.00

Sweater/ Male / $ 40.00 / $ 90.00 / $ 150.00

Blouse/ Male / $ 30.00 / $ 75.00 / $ 125.00

PJ Pants/ Male / $ 20.00 / $ 30.00 / $ 40.00

Sweats/ Male / $ 25.00 / $ 45.00 / $ 85.00

Athletic shorts/ Male / $ 25.00 / $ 40.00 / $ 75.00

Jeans/ Male / $ 40.00 / $ 125.00 / $ 220.00

Dress/Capri Pants/ Male / $ 25.00 / $ 100.00 / $ 175.00

Boxers/ Male / $ 12.00 / $ 20.00 / $ 40.00

Polo/ Male / $ 35.00 / $ 75.00 / $ 125.00

Sheets Twin (Flat&Fitted)/ Both / $ 25.00 / $ 45.00 / $ 70.00

Sheets Full/Queen/King (Flat&Fitted)/ Both / $ 30.00 / $ 65.00 / $ 100.00

Pillow Case/ Both / $ 10.00 / $ 15.00 / $ 25.00

Sheets Twin (Flat or Fitted)/ Both / $ 13.00 / $ 25.00 / $ 35.00

Sheets Queen or King (Flat or Fitted)/ Both / $ 15.00 / $ 35.00 / $ 50.00

Comforter/ Both / $ 35.00 / $ 75.00 / $ 150.00

Jersey/ Both / $ 25.00 / $ 50.00 / $ 75.00

Damaged Items: Lazybones will not be held responsible for any damage brought about through wear and tear from ordinary wash and dry operations. Unless otherwise directed, all clothing will be washed in cold water and dried on medium heat. Any shrinking of clothing not specified for special care will not be the responsibility of Lazybones. Lazybones will not be responsible for any damage originating from ink pens left in laundry pockets. Lazybones only uses pencils within their wash system to avoid this situation.

All claims regarding garments damaged while in our care must be made in writing (email counts) within 48 hours of the laundry being delivered back to you. Lazybones will always pick up damaged garments for inspection if a claim is made. We will not be responsible for any claim if customer refuses to provide us damaged garment for detailed inspection. Any item a claim has made on that appears worn before the inspection alleviates and nullifies any claim.

Many stains become more visible after being exposed to the heat of the normal drying process and determinations as to the origins of these stains and corresponding liability thereof will be made solely by Lazybones. In the event that a garment is discolored or bleached, Lazybones will make a value assessment of the item based on the insurance level (standard, plus, or premium) chosen by the customer. The specific allowed values of specific clothing items by insurance level are listed on our website. If an item is determined damaged in any other manner by Lazybones, the customer will be reimbursed according to these insurance levels.

Preventative steps are taken when deemed appropriate to remove beads, buttons, pins, brooches, and sequins from garments or to wrap in foil prior to cleaning. Our preventive steps greatly reduce incidents but do not completely eliminate the problem. When problem does arise we will do our best to fix, find, replace but do not guarantee 100% satisfaction and compensation requests.

Any reimbursements will be based on the insurance you have chosen. Standard, Plus or Premium.

Irreplaceable Garments: In the event that a garment in question is custom made or of unique or foreign origination, Lazybones can only be held responsible for the value based on the insurance type customer picked. Lazybones is not responsible for any items left in pockets or otherwise turned in with any laundry orders.

Any reimbursements will be based on the insurance you have chosen. Standard, Plus or Premium.

Items within garments: Lazybones takes steps prior to cleaning to search all garments in hopes of finding, removing, and returning such items as lipstick, candy, pens, jewelry, id’s, cellphones, ipods, etc. We, however, take no financial responsibility for items that you claim were submitted with an order or items not found by us prior to cleaning and then destroyed during the cleaning process. Lazybones also claims no financial responsibility for damage to your garments from items we did not successfully remove from garments prior to cleaning. As a result, we urge all customers to please check all garments carefully prior to pickup.

Allergies: We take the utmost care in dealing with allergies but we cannot guarantee and will accept no responsibility for an allergic reaction caused by the soaps and chemicals we use.

Lazybones has the right to modify these terms and conditions at any point, and/or cancel or refuse service to any customer. If there are any further questions or misunderstandings, a Lazybones employee is always available to explain by e-mail via wecare@lazybones.com, or by phone during our normal operating hours.

I accept the terms and conditions

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