Storage FAQs

Signing Up
Do I need to know when I want my storage items picked up in order to sign up?
No, you can reserve space for a storage pickup by giving a $35 deposit. (Either by phone or on the website), and log back in or call us later once you know when you want that pickup done. Once you reserve space for a pickup, you can choose what time you want that pickup anytime up to 3 days before the pickup day without paying a fee. HOWEVER, the longer you wait, the more likely the time you want is no longer available.
If I cancel my storage reservation before I choose a pickup time, can I get my money back?
Yes, always, no questions asked.
Where do you provide storage services?
We presently service Boston MA, Boudler CO, Chicago IL, Ithaca NY, Madison WI, Newark DE, Philadelphia PA and Syracuse NY. Schools where we provide service include (but aren't limited to) Bentley University, Boston University, Boston College, Drexel University, Emmanuel College, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Syracuse University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Delaware, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Want us to expand to a new location? Let us know!
Why are your phones always so busy? Why am I on hold so long?
The truth is, our phones aren't always busy. There are long stretches of the day when we have no customers on the phone at all. Human nature seems to be that everyone calls at about the same time. Our phones get very busy right after we open (9 AM), at lunch time (12 PM-1:30 PM) and right before we close (5 PM). So try calling us at other times, and you'll be pleasantly surprised how short the wait is. You may also find you get a quicker answer by emailing us, and you can always leave a voice mail.
Can Lazybones wash the items I give you to store?
Yes! We can either launder your items ("Wash and Store") or dryclean your items ("Dry Clean and Store.") You should go to the 'my storage' page on our website, and then click on 'print barcode labels,' and choose to print either Wash and Store labels or Dry Clean and Store labels. Put the items you want washed or dry cleaned in a box, and apply the appropriate label to that box. Or, if this seems too much work, just be sure the crew that comes to pick up your items knows which items you want washed or dry cleaned.
My roommate and I are both going to need storage. Should we set up two storage accounts or do we only need one?
We recommend that you set up two storage accounts, one for each roommate. This makes keeping track of the items easier for us, and will prevent any billing disputes that might come up. Trust us, no matter how well you think you get along with your roommate you don't want to leave it to your memories as to who owes what share of your storage bill.
What are your phone hours?
Our normal phone hours are 9 AM to 6 PM EST Monday-Thursday, and 9 AM to 5 PM EST on Fridays. During peak storage pickup and delivery season we are also open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.
Is there a minimum storage order?
Yes, $100. Every customer must pay at least $100 regardless of how many items they give us to store.
What are barcode labels? Why should I use them?
You can log into our website using your user name and password and print out as many unique bar code labels as you like. This is our way to make sure your items stay with your account. Items without our barcodes are subject to a labeling charge. Just print the labels out onto ordinary paper, cut them apart with scissors, and use scotch tape or packaging tape to apply one label to each of your items.
Is the $35.00 deposit an extra charge or will it be used towards the cost of storage?
The $35.00 deposit will be deducted from your total storage fee on the final invoice. If you cancel without scheduling a pickup, or cancel more than 48 hours before your pickup is scheduled, your deposit can also be refunded.
How much is my storage going to cost?
The price for storage is determine by the number of items you give us, what those items are, and the size of the item. So you need to know both what an item is, and how big it is, to determine what our charge will be for storage. You can get an estimate for the price of any item by going to the 'storage pricing' page under the storage menu (at the top of this page). There is a price estimator on this page which you use by choosing what an item is, and entering its dimensions in inches.
What if I decide to keep my items in storage past the end date of my storage term?
We are happy to keep your items in storage as long as you ask us too. For each month after your initial storage term ends, we will charge you 10% of what we'd charged for that initial storage term. For instance, if you stored items over the summer with us that cost $300, and keep your items with us for an extra month, we will charge your credit card an additional $30. If you kept it with us for an extra 2 months, we'd charge you an additional $60.
Can I purchase extra insurance for my valuable items?
Yes. All non-furniture items are automatically insured for $50. If you want to add extra insurance, it costs $1 for every additional $100 of insurance. For instance if you wanted to add $1000 of insurance to a box, it would cost an extra $10. Make sure you let us know before or during our pickup of your items what items you want how much extra insurance for.
Scheduling Pickups
How many items can a customer store?
Customers can store as many items as they wish, but we charge by the item. There is no maximum number of items, but there is a $100 minimum for any storage order (see below question 'what if i bring out more items than i said i would.')
Do you pickup and deliver storage off-campus?
Yes. Lazybones can pickup your storage whether you live in a dorm or an off-campus apartment. If you live more than 5 miles from a campus we service, we may not be able to provide storage services to you. Call us or email us with your address to find out.
What days of the week will you be doing storage pickups during move out week?
We will be picking up 7 days a week during peak move out times, which are generally the week of finals and one week after that.
How many days in advance do I need to schedule my pickup?
Customers should schedule their pickup a minimum of 2 days in advance, but we recommend scheduling at least 3 weeks in advance to assure them of a suitable pickup time. Pickups scheduled less than 48 hours in advance are subject to additional fees.
What should I do if I know I will not be ready for my scheduled pickup?
You should call us immediately. That way we can move you on the schedule, and find a new window if possible.
How long does it typically take for a storage pickup?
Typically takes 10-20 minutes depending on how many items a customer has. Customers with larger items like desks, couches and mattresses take longer. Customers with nothing but boxes take less time.
Do you offer storage during June thru August? Can a customer get two different pickups?
Yes, we do storage pickups all year, January to December. Customers can always ask for multiple pickups, however, there is a $100 minimum charge for storing the items for each storage pickup. So if, for instance, you have us do 3 pickups, your minimum storage charge is going to be $300.
What is the minimum number of hours ahead of time that I can modify my storage pickup time?
Customers can change pickup times within 48 hours, however, we cannot guarantee a time if adjusted with such late notice.
What happens if I cancel my storage reservation 3 days before my scheduled storage pickup?
You lose your storage deposit. Occasionally, we will refund this deposit however; it is NOT refundable if you did not cancel it and our staff showed up for the pickup.
What is the time frame you give customers for storage pickup and delivery?
We give the customer a three-hour window. For example, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. We will try our best to be on the earlier side but the window is necessary for the unforeseen issues that tend to occur such as blocked vans, traffic, closed roads, or broken elevators.
What if I cannot make any time on your pre-set schedule?
We will try to accommodate when possible.
What if I need to schedule one or two days in advance?
We will try to accommodate when possible but we cannot promise a pickup will be available. In addition, if you schedule one day in advance there is a $25 fee, and it is extremely unlikely we can accomodate you the same day.
What if I need to schedule two separate storage pickups?
We will try to accommodate when possible, but second pickups are lower priority than first pickups. Always keep in mind there is a $100 minimum charge for each pickup as well.
What if I bring out more or less than I said I would?
No problem. You will be billed for the number of items that you actually store. There is a minimum storage charge of $100 for all customers. However, we will take as many items as you need us to. PLEASE keep in mind that if we gave you a quote for say 5 items, and you give us 10 items instead, your price is going to go up!
Scheduling Deliveries
What is the time frame for storage pickup and delivery?
It is a three-hour window. For example 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. We will try our best to be on the earlier side but the window is necessary for the unforeseen issues that tend to occur.
When should I schedule my storage delivery?
There is a $35 scheduling charge that we will waive if the customer schedules their delivery by August 1. If the customer is scheduling after August 1, the customer must schedule their delivery seven days in advance of desired drop off date, and are on a first come first serve basis.
What does black out date mean?
Because of University restrictions, there are certain black out days where we cannot schedule deliveries. Our website will not allow you to schedule a delivery on those days, and our phone rep's are familiar with all the days for a given campus.
What happens if I miss my scheduled storage delivery?
There is a $50 charge if a customer misses their delivery. We recommend that you do not schedule delivery on the day you are flying in because of how common flight delays are.
What should I do if I need a last minute delivery?
Our local manager must approve last-minute deliveries. If you call or Email us, the local manager will be contacted to see if the last-minute delivery is feasible. If a delivery is scheduled less than 24 hours beforehand there is an additional $25 fee. We cannot guarantee availability on last minute scheduling requests.
What can I do with items that I need but can't take on a plane or fit in the car?
Flying back to school? Don't want to lug large duffels or heavy boxes with you? You may not be able to send it to the dorm, or to your apartment, but before you come back to school, ship these items directly to us and we will deliver them for you with the rest of your storage order. We charge a flat rate of $25 per box for this service. You can ask for this service when you sign up, or call us or drop an email before your pickup.
Will Lazybones ship my stuff?
Yes, we will. We will pick up items from your home and ship them wherever you ask us. We use UPS and the price depends on the size and weight and destination of your items to be shipped. Prices are typically (but not guaranteed to be) $1-$2 per pound. You just schedule a 'typical' storage pickup with us, but put our Shipping barcodes on your boxes instead of our Storage barcodes. To print the barcodes simply go to the My Storage page on this website and click the Print Barcodes button, then select 'Shipping' from the pull-down menu. The cost of our shipping items is whatever UPS charges for the shipping plus a 20% handling fee. The handling fee does not include packing; If you need us to pack items for you, we cannot predict what the price will be, but will tell you once we pack the items.
Can I ship my stuff to Lazybones for Lazybones to deliver to my home/dorm room later?
Yes you can! First sign up for storage with us (via phone or the web site). Then open up the My Storage page on this website and click the Print Barcodes button, then select 'Storage' from the pull-down menu. Put one of these barcodes on each box, and ship them directly to us by whatever means you like (typically UPS). Then sign up for a 'normal' storage delivery by calling us at 1-877-215-2105 or using our website. Please be sure that we receive your boxes 7 days before your delivery date. You can get our mailing address from the My Storage page on our website. SO LONG AS your box is 15,000 cubic inches or smaller, we charge $25/box for this service. If you ship us something bigger than 15,000 cubic inches, though, we will charge you our normal full-summer storage fee rather than the $25. So shipping us boxed furniture could turn into a very expensive proposition.
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